— Paul Otchakovsky-Laurens

Paul Fournel a trouvé quatre poèmes inédits de Jason Murphy

28 août 2013, 19h54 par Paul Fournel


Long and boring road
Long and boring corn
Long and boring wind
Long and boring girl
Sleepin' and sleepin'
In the car
Long and dirty darkness
Long and boring job
Long and boring night
Round and boring moon
Long and boring life
Running out of gas
Running out of Roses
Long and boring road
Long and boring me



Full bottle of Roses
Full bottle I say
Don't be cheap barmaid
It's a man who drinks
A real one fresh from the road

Bottle half empty
Feeling much better
Bottle half empty
Feeling much stronger
Bottle half empty
Feeling much wiser
Bottle half empty
Feeling much meaner.

How not to pay
Having no money
Now goes the tune



The blonde singer sings
Bad country songs
In the sad cafe
And at midnight stops

Take her for a ride
Windows down
Music up
Still in the lot
And then the blast of a guitar
In the face

Guitar blows everywhere
Bloody guitar
Exploding my head
Stratocaster at least
With Lead Guitar himself
At the end of the neck
Jealous rock



Scabs on my bald head
Drops of blood
Itching my Yijin
On the road again
Soft springings
Shitty old brakes
What will happen at the end of the quarter mile?

Ready steady go, headache!
Burn your tires
Loose the grip
Spin your head

Grab the wheel
Push the throttle
Keep an eye open at least
Till the finish line


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